Where Can I Go Without A Passport?

“Where can I go without a passport?” is a question often asked by Americans since 2/3′s

Ripped Off: How To Avoid Being Overcharged While Traveling

It’s just a fact of traveling that foreigners are often expected to pay more than the

5 Of My Best Travel Tips

I am often asked what my best travel tips are.  I’ve come a long way since

Purse Snatching And Slashing-What You Should Know

Purse snatching is one of the #1 scams that people who are traveling fall victim to.

6 Safety Tips For Traveling Alone

I usually travel alone, and I love it. I meet more people by traveling alone.  I

Your Guide To Cyprus Travel

Cyprus seems to be this year’s hot-spot.  Here is your guide to Cyprus Travel to make

Tips For Taking The TGV Train In France

A lot of people have questions about using the TGV train in France.  Here is a

ATM Scams-Why You Should Use Caution

Skimming Scams ATM scams are the most common scams that can happen in any country, so
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