How To Travel With Your Dog

How To Travel With Your Dog

Many people let the fact that they have pets interfere with their travels. Instead of staying at home, why not travel with your dog? It can make your vacation a lot more fun, and you won’t have to worry about your dog when you are away. Here are my tips for how to travel with your dog.

How To Travel With Your Dog

1. Take Your Dog For A Check Up Before You Leave

It’s good to check your dog’s health before you travel with your dog. Make sure to also take your dog’s shot records and health certifications with you as well.

2. Keep Your Dog Healthy By Taking His Regular Food With You

Traveling will be a change for your dog, so you want to keep things as normal as possible. Bring your dog’s food with you, so he has consistency and a healthy diet. One dog food I recommend is the high quality Advance dog food. They use the highest quality ingredients, and this food has been designed with your pet’s nutrition in mind.

3. Exercise Your Dog Before Traveling

How To Travel With Your Dog

Whether you will be taking your dog in the car or having to crate your dog for an airplane, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise before leaving. This will make your dog feel more like resting during the transportation part of your travels.

4. Label Your Dog Carrier

Make sure to put a luggage tag on your dog carrier with your dog’s name, your name and contact information, and an emergency contact. Your dog should also be wearing a collar with this information on it as well. Make sure to also bring current photos of your dog, too, in case your dog gets lost. Also, make sure the carrier is big enough to allow the dog to stand, turn around in, and lie down. Put your dog’s favorite toy and a water bottle in the crate as well.

5. Don’t Feed Your Dog A Lot Before Your Trip

Dogs are prone to motion sickness, so don’t give your dog a big meal before travel. If you are flying, it’s recommended that you don’t feed your dog six hours before a flight.

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