Travel Hacks: How To Travel Cheap

travel hacks how to travel cheapThe advice people ask me for the most is how to travel cheap. Yes, I am a master at traveling cheaply. You really don’t need thousands of dollars to take the trip of a lifetime. By using a few travel hacks, you can get great deals on your travel. I am here to share my travel tips with you, so you can know how to travel with less money, too.

Travel Hacks: How To Travel Cheap

1. Travel On Cheap Airlines

travel hacks how to travel cheap ryanair

You can save a lot of money by traveling on discount airlines. I used Ryanair, Monarch, and easyJet in Europe. Air Asia is always great to fly on in Asia, and Lion Air is great in Indonesia. Spirit Airlines gives great deals in the US, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Latin America. JetBlue, Frontier, and Allegiant are other great airlines to use in the US. Interjet is the cheapest airline to fly throughout Mexico. The Cheapflights newsletter does a good job of keeping you informed of great flight deals.

2. Get A Job Where You Get To Travel

travel hacks how to travel cheap

There are plenty of jobs where you can get paid to travel. Of course, everyone thinks of being a flight attendant, but there are plenty of other travel jobs, too. You could look at being a retail buyer, a destination wedding photographer, or a tour guide. You can easily find work overseas as a bartender or by waiting tables. This is one of the travel hacks that won’t just save you money, but where you can make money, too.

3. Work In Exchange For A Place To Stay

travel hacks how to travel cheap

Many people who know how to travel cheaply, work in exchange for free accommodations. Some of the sites that let you find work in exchange for a room are:

4. Search For Flights With Private Browsing

travel hacks how to travel cheap

In Google Chrome, click on “New Incognito Window”. Airline websites track your visits, and they will often raise the price if you have visited before, so that you will book the ticket. Use private browsing to get the best prices.

5. Use Credit Cards To Get Points For Free Flights

travel hacks how to travel cheap

One of the easiest travel hacks is by using credit cards for free flights. There are plenty of credit cards that offer sign-up bonuses where you can get a free flight just for signing up. Then, when you build up frequent flier miles, you can exchange them for more free flights. This is one of the easiest ways to save money on travel.

6. Learn How To Haggle

travel hacks how to travel cheap

I never pay the full price when I travel. I ask hotels for lower rates, along with taxis and tour guides, and items that I would like to buy. Often just explain to the vendor that you are traveling long-term and cheaply, and they will be glad to work with you on price. Also, remember to be polite when bargaining. A smile goes a long way.

7. Travel To See Friends Or Travel With Friends

travel hacks how to travel cheap

If you visit friends that have room for you to stay with them, you won’t have to spend money on a hotel room. If you don’t have friends in places you want to travel to, travel with your friends and split the cost of travel. Also, don’t forget Couchsurfing as a resource, where you can stay with locals for free, plus make a new friend in the process.

8. Travel Slowly

travel hacks how to travel cheap

One of my favorite travel hacks is to travel slowly. If you spend more time in one area, you can rent a place for a month which is always cheaper than renting a place by the night. You can cook for yourself, and even buy a cheap used car rather which can be cheaper than renting one. You can even look at house sitting in the area you want to travel to, so that you save even more money. My favorite house sitting website is Trusted House Sitters. Also, check out and

9. Look For Free Things To Do

travel hacks how to travel cheap

One of my suggestions for how to travel cheaply in an area is to look for free things to do. My favorite free thing to do while traveling is to get out and enjoy nature, but every area has something you can do for free. Save money on a gym membership and go on free walking tours, go to the beach, or just sit and people watch. Go to free festival or look for free entrance days at the local museums.

10. Use Public Transportation Or Rent A Bike

travel hacks how to travel cheap

By renting a bike or using public transportation, you won’t just save a lot of money, you will also help protect the environment. This is a great way to travel cheap.

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