The Gold Ring Scam in Paris

Beware The Gold Ring Scam In Paris

One scam in Paris that happens often in France is one in which a gypsy will pretend to find a gold ring on the ground right in front of a tourist. The gypsy will tell the tourist that someone dropped the ring and that in France there is a reward for returning lost jewelry to the police station. They will then tell the tourist that they don’t have time to go to the police station, but they will split the reward money with them which is usually around 20 euros.

Other times, the gypsy will offer to sell you the ring instead of encouraging you to take it to the police station. Of course, the people who fall for this later realize that the ring is worthless brass. It is really amazing that people even fall for this, but, sadly, many people do. Don’t feel rude for ignoring people who approach you in this manner. Brush them away, and continue on your way. This gold ring scam in Paris especially happens a lot around the Eiffel Tower. You would think that people would be wiser and know that this is a scam, but people continue to fall for it every day.

Beware The Gold Ring Scam In Paris

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