Hotel Scam: Beware The Hotel Call From The Front Desk

A tricky hotel scam that is happening is one in which you receive a phone call in your hotel room. The caller says they are from the front desk of the hotel and that there was a glitch in the computer system. They tell you that they need to get your credit card information again. Do NOT give it to this caller.

Hotel Scam: Beware The Hotel Call From The Front Desk

This Hotel Scam Has Fooled Many Unsuspecting Guests

It is not from the front desk but from a con artist. Con artists have even gone so far as to tell the guest, that they will receive up to a 40% discount on the room rate to compensate them for the inconvenience. This is a hotel scam that has fooled many people into giving their credit cards to people that weren’t from the hotel.

Actually, they have found that many of the scam artists making these calls were from prisons. Never give your credit card information to someone who calls you over the phone in any circumstances!! This can be easy to fall for, but if anyone calls you asking for your credit card information, make sure to only give it out in person. If this happens to you, make sure to also notify the manager of the hotel, so they can warn hotel guests. At the hotels this has occured at, scammers were able to break into the hotel’s phone system, and didn’t go through the front desk to call the guest’s room, so don’t think that every call you get in your room is screened first.

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